Little Town Hero Gets New Character Trailer

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09.27.19 - 11:03 PM

Game Freak has released a new character trailer for Little Town Hero. This new video is focused on the game's cast of colorful characters: you can find a list of who is included down below.

  • Axe - A hot-headed young resident of the village who dreams of the world outside.

  • Pasmina - An old friend of Axe's who spends her days herding sheep with her grandmother.

  • Nelz - Axe's best buddy for many years, doing all sorts of mischief together.

  • Ember - Axe's mother who raised him all on her own.

  • Minnie - The village merchant's daughter whose actions sometime reveal her privileged upbringing.

  • Matock - Axe's self-proclaimed rival who never passes up a chance to try and get the best of him.

  • Angard - A veteran warrior dispatched by the Castle to study the monster outbreak.

  • King - The ruler of the kingdom who is generous and beloved by his subjects.

  • Court Lady - No description.

  • Torren - A young swordsman who assists the Minister.

  • Minister - A wise man who helps govern the land.

Little Town Hero will launch for the Nintendo Switch on October 16th. Stay tuned to RPGFan for more information!

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