Twitch Sunday: FFVII Remako Mod

AV-AL-AN-C-H-E, yeah that's who we be!

10.05.19 - 8:04 PM

(Sure hope there are other Mega Ran fans out here for that subheader...)

With all the excitement around the FFVII Remake in progress, we're bringing you a Sunday stream full of FFVII goodness with Scott. If you find the graphics are better than you recall from the original game, no, you are not suffering from false implanted memories. We're using the Remako mod, which uses neural networks (not harvested Mako energy) to enhance the game's look. The side by side comparisons are quite impressive, so join in tomorrow (10/6) at 10am PDT/1pm EDT with Scott for this classic! Depart with the AVALANCHE crew from our Twitch channel or Twitch page. Are we excited? Off course we are.

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