Twitch Sunday: Digimon World: Next Order

I'm not actually to order you to watch this weekend, but I may strongly suggest doing so.

10.12.19 - 8:13 PM

This weekend, Kat is playing something that I'm personally unsure that she should on Twitch. But as much as I oversee what gets posted on RPGFan, I try not to be harsh in vetoing people's ideas and things they're really passionate about doing. In all fairness, I have not played Digimon World: Next Order myself, but Derek Heemsbergen's review of this PS4 monster-raising and battling RPG left a searing impression on my mind. Perhaps not one quite as intense as his own, but it nonetheless remains one of my personal favorite pieces of writing I've had the pleasure to read in my 20 years at RPGFan. Read it and you'll understand why.

Now, I'm not selling this very well, but I thought it important to say that I'm willing to see how this plays out. Since she started with us, I've been convinced Kat could make anything fun and enjoyable, and this... this right here is going to prove that correct. So! Tune in via our Twitch channel or on-site Twitch page Sunday, October 13th at 10am PDT/1pm EDT for Kat, Digimon World: Next Order, and, inevitably, Digi-poop.

Digimon World: Next Order Banner

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