Twitch Sunday: Xenogears

Stand tall, and shake the Heavens!

10.26.19 - 9:13 PM

It's time for yet another classic (yay!) this week for our Sunday stream with Scott. We'll be continuing Scott's recent run of esteemed games tomorrow (10/27) at 10am PDT/1pm EDT with Xenogears! All aboard the nostalgia train! Giant mechs and religious overtones will be available for the duration of the stream. Seriously, though, this is a fascinating game with a rich contribution to gaming history. It was originally pitched as an idea for Final Fantasy VII, then considered as a potential Chrono Trigger sequel, and finally found its place as its own game which blossomed into the Xenoseries we know today. Many of our staff adore this series, so check it out with us at our Twitch channel and on our Twitch page.

Xenogears banner

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