Twitch TONIGHT and Tomorrow: Resident Evil and Dead Space??

Celebrate Halloween with some creepy games. Oh, and us. Creepy games and us.

10.30.19 - 10:11 PM

Some of the Twitch crew floated the idea of doing some non-RPG spooky games for Halloween this year, certain I would veto their plans. After all, we try and keep things on brand and not veer outside of RPGs, graphic adventures, and visual novels here, so why would we stream Resident Evil VII?

'Cause hey, it's Halloween, why not? Starting TONIGHT at midnight, Kyle will be taking us through some Resident Evil VII, the only RE game to get official RPGFan mention during our E3 2016 Awards for its clever logo, which, dammit, still floors me.

After that, Kyle will dive into the Resident Evil 2 remake for awhile. How long will he stream? We aren't sure, so be sure to stop by the chat and support him to keep the scares coming.

Later in the day, for Halloween evening, Maxx is going to go in another direction and play the first Dead Space. It's the perfect atmospheric game if you're staying in to either hand out candy, make frighting alcoholic concoctions, or just, you know, avoid the ghouls.

So to recap, we have:

12am EST - Kyle plays Resident Evil VII + Resident Evil 2 Remake
5pm EST - Maxx plays Dead Space

Watch them in a couple hours on our Twitch channel or right here on our Twitch page.

Our lovely social media team went HAM on the imagery for this one, so please enjoy their handiwork here:

RPGFan Twitch Halloween