RPGFan Music: SaGa 25th Anniversary Sound Effects CD Review

I could listen to that "Chainsaw" track on loop all day.

11.15.19 - 9:11 PM

While it might sound like I was trying to be funny with today's subheadline, it wouldn't be too far off from what we already do when playing some of our favorite games. If you have had the pleasure of playing older arcade games like Pole Position, then you're familiar with that ever-loving motor sound that practically is the game's soundtrack. Thankfully today, we have music in our games to accompany those sound effects that we all so loved growing up. I mean this very endearingly.

Take a second and think back on some memorable sound effects that really pumped you up or simply enjoyed while playing the game. One in particular that always sticks out to me is the sound of Crono's Luminaire (mind your headphones volume). I absolutely love hearing it while watching the enemies dissolve on-screen after getting hit with such a strong move.

With that said, keep an open ear and use Patrick Gann's SaGa 25th Anniversary Sound Effects CD review as a reminder that all these amazing sound effects help shape the worlds you explore in games or watch on the big screen.

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