RPGFan Music: Chrono Cross Orchestral Arrangement Review

...through time and space.

11.17.19 - 9:52 PM

While I sit here listening to "The Girl Who Stole the Stars," I'm immediately reminded of the immense contrast between the two Chrono games, both in story and music. Where one was about a plucky group of friends out to save the future, the other was a somber journey experiencing the repercussions of the world's previous saviors. There's, of course, more going on, but the feelings and thoughts felt by those affected by time's scars left an impression on my heart that made Chrono Cross a beautifully cathartic experience. This was reinforced especially by its absolutely gorgeous music that still pulls at my heartstrings today.

What I also find beautiful is that this strong connection isn't the only one people have to Chrono Cross. We all have our own feelings, whether full of glee or, like myself, a little more on the emotionally stirring side. Of course, we have Jo Padilla to share their thoughts on they feel about the music of such a beloved game. Enjoy the samples within dear readers, and may your current timeline not be bound by fate.

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