Special Feature: Pokemon Sword & Shield First Impressions

Eight RPGFan editors enter the Gym. Then Alana Gigantimaxed and killed us all for her homeland. Here are our thoughts.

11.22.19 - 9:29 PM

Pokémon Sword and Shield are here! Okay, they've been here for a week, and have sold outrageously well so far. RPGFan was not among the outlets fortunate enough to get an advance copy, which is why you haven't seen a review from us yet. While that review is indeed in the works, we wanted to get our thoughts on Game Freak's latest out in the wild in the meantime, since there are at least ten RPGFan editors currently playing the game!

And so, I was joined by seven of my Pokéfriends as we put our thoughts down on virtual paper to let you know how our first Galarian adventure has been treating us. Click the banner or this vaguely Pansage-colored link text to view our Pokémon Sword & Shield First Impressions!

Pokemon Sword and Shield First Impressions Banner