Twitch Sunday: Alpha Protocol + New Sunday Time

Tactical Espionage Streaming.

11.23.19 - 8:23 PM

Alpha Protocol Twitch Banner

Lately, I have a habit of introducing games for Twitch that we didn't score overly well with us in the past. This week's victim is (current) Kyle, who is going to be streaming Obsidian's Alpha Protocol, a game that had been shaping up to be interesting, though one that (another) Kyle didn't really love in his 2010 review.

But that's okay! (Current) Kyle Kortvely is going to make it fun anyway, of that I've no doubt. Tune in Sunday to see how the stream goes!

And this is when I announce that we are moving our Sunday stream time, starting this week. With changes in some of the staff's own schedules, they've had to pass on most Sundays of late. Since we wanted to give you the chance to see all of our streaming team on any given Sunday, we're moving it until later in the day:

Starting November 24th, our Sunday stream will be at 1pm PST/4pm EST. That's three hours later than our original start time. We know it may take some time to adjust, but we hope you understand that we changed it to open it up to more potential streamers, to give you the best variety of games and faces on our channel!

So, once again, come by our Twitch channel or page Sunday, November 24th at 1pm PST/4pm EST for (current) Kyle and Alpha Protocol!

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