Crowdfunding Chronicles: Law Law Land

Strangely, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are nowhere in sight.

01.03.20 - 9:28 AM

Law Law Land Screenshot - Driving through a pixel graphic city.

Campaign Ends: January 11
Platform: Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. Stretch goals add PS4, Switch, and Xbox One versions.

Do you aspire to be a politician one day? Personally, I don't recommend it, and will instead direct you to this delightful pixel-graphic adventure/RPG by Herbarium Games, a small studio based in Moscow.

Law Law Land's humorous storyline is inspired by the development team's frustration with Russian politics, and partly serves as a commentary on government corruption and ridiculous laws. The game follows a factory worker-turned-politician in the bizarre world of Law Law Land, a country full of nonsensical laws which must be followed at all costs.

Law Law Land features an open world environment and multiple endings; whether the population ends up loving you or hating you depends on your decisions. The core gameplay will have you voting on proposed laws, and the results will have an impact on both the citizens and the environment. Making a decision may be tougher than expected, as some laws which inconvenience the people could end up making you rich, and certain groups may try to bribe you to vote in their best interests.

Law Law Land Screenshot - Shady business at the office.

On that note, money plays a huge role in Law Law Land. To start, you'll need to have enough cash on hand every day to feed your family and deal with sudden problems (such as blackmail or illness). Beyond that, money can be used to upgrade your house and method of transportation; will you join your people on public transit, or cruise around in a fancy sports car? Your overall social status will impact how others treat you, along with the availability of quests, which take the form of minigames such as moving crates or investigating crime scenes. Though, this doesn't mean you deliberately need to take every penny offered, as exclusive quests are not limited to the rich.

Overall, Law Law Land sounds pretty impressive for a small team, and I'm intrigued by the unique premise. Campaign stretch goals are set to add more minigames, a larger game world, and console ports. Let's go make some laws!

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