Mother 4 Fan Game Rebranded, Now Releasing as Oddity

This game looks like nothing short of pixelated perfection!

01.04.20 - 10:09 PM

Mother 4, a passion project put together by dedicated fans of the long-dormant Mother series, has been officially rebranded and will be released under a new title — Oddity! Set in the seventies, this surreal urban fantasy RPG follows 13-year-old protagonist Travis Fields as he leaves home to save the world with just a pellet gun and his trusty baseball bat. You can delight in the gorgeous sprites, sleek battle system, and fantastic soundtrack in the newly released teaser trailer, seen below.

Players can also look forward to adventuring with a cast of charming and memorable characters who will assist Travis on his journey to topple the mysterious "Modern Men" society. With Meryl, a chipper girl with serious PSY power, Floyd, a witty school kid who doesn't need PSY abilities to handle a fight, and Leo, the dangerous leader of a motorcycle gang, Oddity will have no shortage of heart, humor, and adventurous spirit.

Oddity will launch for PC, Mac, and Linux "when it's ready," as you saw in the teaser trailer.