Final Fantasy XV Mobile MMO In Development, More Details Coming in 2020

This is certainly a thing?

01.07.20 - 9:50 PM

Square Enix is working on another addition to the Final Fantasy XV universe: an untitled mobile MMORPG co-developed by JSC and GAEA. The game, which will be releasing in China first, is set in a parallel universe from the console game and adds new elements to the world of Eos. Originally announced back in 2017, the game's scope has apparently increased since development began, according to games industry analyst Daniel Ahmad.

It should be noted that this unnamed mobile title is separate from the existing Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire and Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition projects. Final Fantasy XV had a massive multimedia push both before and after its launch, with a tie-in anime series, CGI film, other mobile spin-offs, and other media complementing the core title. Hopefully this mysterious new game does justice to the franchise.

Final Fantasy XV New Mobile MMORPG Game Screenshot

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