Crowdfunding Chronicles: Tangletorn

Grab your cat and a deck of cards. It's time for adventure!

01.17.20 - 10:13 AM

A crow and an anthropomorphic wizard cat relaxing at their camp.A battle scene set against a temple backdrop.

Campaign Ends: January 24
Platform: Windows and Mac.

Dear reader: Do you happen to be an ardent admirer of cute animals and deckbuilding (cards, not patios)? If so, you may want to make room in your game library for Tangletorn, a roguelike set in a beautiful hand-painted medieval world, featuring card-based combat and enough anthropomorphic characters to pique your cat's interest in addition to your own.

Tangletorn takes place in the ever-changing world of Skyr: a land which has suffered through countless cycles of disintegration and reconstruction, the inhabitants themselves being reborn into new incarnations each time. Your actions throughout the game will have an impact on both the world and your future selves; could it be possible to break this cycle of destruction and rebirth and finally bring peace to the land?

As implied by the ever-shifting state of Skyr, each playthrough of Tangletorn promises to be different. To start, you can choose from one of two protagonists: Mya, a purple-clad cat wizard, and Trell, a charming and eloquent fox. Both characters include their own personal daemon, a magical animal companion resembling a familiar. If you'd prefer other species, stretch goals are set to add more player characters and daemons, including an anthropomorphic pine marten!

Tangletorn's combat system centers around deckbuilding and card combos, with the option to choose force or peaceful negotiation. Meanwhile, the game's tile-based map promises plenty of events, treasure, encounters, and locations, including exquisitely-painted towns full of lively chatter. Just make sure to steer clear of angry goats during your travels!

While the specifics of the combat system and method of obtaining cards have yet to be revealed, Tangletorn is so far shaping up to be a charming entry to the anthropomorphic fantasy genre. I hope you have a stylish outfit picked out for your pet because the world of Skyr awaits!

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