Little Town Hero Gets Physical Edition from NIS America, PS4 Port from Rainy Frog

Nintendo be like, "would anyone like this baby? We don't want it anymore."

01.21.20 - 10:56 AM

Little Town Hero, a brand-new title from Game Freak, release last year to... shall we say mixed reactions from the gaming public. That isn't stopping the little title that couldn't from branching out to other platforms, however. Publisher Rainy Frog has announced that they will be releasing Little Town Hero on PS4 in Japan, for 3500 yen physically and 2500 digitally. A physical edition of the Switch version will release concurrently in Japan.

Little Town Hero Screenshot

Curiously, this news comes after NIS America announced that they would be bringing a physical edition of Little Town Hero for Switch to North America and Europe. This was announced at PAX 2020, and interested parties can order the game's special "Big Idea Edition" from NIS America's online store. As for whether NIS America will bring the PS4 version to the West as well... well, we have no idea. What's the "big idea," eh? ...please clap.

Little Town Hero Screenshot

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