Review: Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Crashes Onto PC and Demands Your Attention, if You Can Maintain it

This is not for the faint of heart, or those not willing to put the time in.

01.21.20 - 5:34 PM

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Screenshot

We've been singing Monster Hunter: World's praises since it came out back in January 2018. The expansion, Iceborne, recently got ported to PC, renewing interest in the long-running game once again. It gives existing fans on PC the chance to sink their teeth into the hunt once again, while also enticing new players.

Bob Richardson is the latter in this case! He's someone who longed to get into the Monster Hunter series, and this latest port gave him that chance, but it wasn't all plain sailing. To find out what Bob thought of Iceborne, you can read his review of the expansion on PC right here!

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