Video Review: To The Moon's Switch Port Has Spotty Controls, but the Wonderful Narrative is Intact

Kan Gao's classic (hey, it's 9 years old!) tale comes to another new platform.

01.22.20 - 7:38 PM

To The Moon Screenshot

To The Moon is one of those games. Those ones that, despite so many people telling me it's worth experiencing and a must-play that it took me years to do so. In part because I was exhausted from everyone telling me to play it!

But, of course, much like with other such games, I finally did, and understood that yes, it is a must-play. There's a reason the PC release earned an Editor's Choice award from both of our original reviews.

Today, editor Zach Wilkerson brings us his thoughts on To The Moon's Switch release, which in turn is based on the mobile port from a couple years ago. Despite some less-than-ideal controls, To The Moon's poignant and touching tale remains fully intact. So read his review, and watch it below. We also would love it if you could do all the YouTube "stuff" by liking and subscribing to our channel!

Oh, and if you decide to finally give in and play To The Moon now - regardless of platform - take Zach's advice: Wear headphones.

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