Final Fantasy VII & Final Fantasy VII Remake Vinyl Collection Delayed To Late March 2020

Holding The Vinyls in My Heart!

01.24.20 - 11:37 AM

Square Enix and Sony Music Masterworks have announced a delay to the Final Fantasy VII & Final Fantasy VII Remake 2LP vinyl set from the original intended release date of January 31, 2020 to March 27, 2020 as seen via the product's official webpage on the official Square Enix Store website.

final fantasy VII remake screenshots

Square Enix stated that the reality of "overwhelming demand" and the necessity of "delivering our fans the best quality products" of the vinyl set caused the delay, thanking the fans for their patience and excitement. The vinyl set itself is slated to contain 20 specific and carefully considered tracks from both Final Fantasy VII, and the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake. Pre-orders for the set are still currently open, for vinyl enthusiasts, Final Fantasy fans and players alike to spend their hard-earned gil on.

final fantasy VII remake screenshots

The Final Fantasy VII soundtrack is a seminal masterpiece of its time, and I believe it's only a good thing that more ways of experiencing it, limited or not, are becoming available, with an eye to the future for the Final Fantasy VII Remake's musical choices too. Wonder what it's going to sound like? Good, most like.

If you're curious about the above images and want to see what more of the aesthetic for the Final Fantasy VII Remake will offer, take a gander at our gallery for the title, sporting screenshots and artwork myriad. Stay tuned to RPGFan for all news Final Fantasy!

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