RPGFan Music: Skies of Arcadia Eternal Soundtrack Vinyl Edition Review

This is the Wayô

01.24.20 - 10:37 PM

Some of my fondest memories during my college days was listening to classical music on my vinyl player, enjoying the crackling noise of records spinning on the platter. While it was Stravinsky or Debussy back then, present-day I find myself listening to other classics like Naoaki Jimbo's Spirit Hunter: Death Mark or Michael "Garoad" Kelly's VA-11 HALL-A: Official Soundtrack. Yes, my vinyl repertoire has since then expanded into the delicious field of game music, but I'm not the only one who enjoys hearing sweet melodies on a record player! Sharing their thoughts today on Wayô's vinyl publication of Skies of Arcadia Eternal Soundtrack is the venerable Hilary Andreff!

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