Twitch Sunday: Wild Arms 4

...the fourth detonator.

01.25.20 - 10:43 PM

This week's Sunday stream should be particularly fun to watch, as we're taking on Wild Arms 4. Not only is this part of a storied franchise, but it's a title known for its lovely visuals and satisfying action gameplay. It's also a...shall we frontier for the series in terms of some of these mechanics as well as game's setting itself. Whether you have some familiarity with the series and are addressing some gaps in your ARMS knowledge or you're new and want to see what it's about, we hope you'll tune in. Read the review for more information, and meet us on our Twitch channel or via the Twitch page, pardner.

(Sorry, couldn't resist ending on that note. I blame the banner graphic.)

Wild Arms 4 banner art.