Review: It May Bring the Challenge, but Kingdom Hearts III: ReMind Might Not Be Worth Remembering

A potentially disappointing end to the Xehanort Saga, for fans and casuals alike.

01.28.20 - 5:30 PM

Kingdom Hearts III: ReMind Screenshot

Tomorrow, January 29th, marks the one-year anniversary of Kingdom Hearts III's English release. It's the game we waited years for, and while we loved it, it left many wanting more. Luckily, we're not quiet done with the latest instalment! Just last week, the game's DLC, ReMind, launched on PlayStation 4 (with an Xbox One version following late-February), and it's definitely going to get people headscratching, for better or worse.

One of our Kingdom Hearts superfans, Zach Wilkerson, is back to tackle the data fights and find out just what on earth that ending was all about...maybe? He loved the base game, but the DLC has left him more than a little disappointed. To find out exactly what Zach thinks, check out his review of ReMind right here!

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