New Trailer For Visual Novel Anonymous;Code Confirms Winter Release in Japan

Can God be hacked?

01.28.20 - 11:45 PM

Developer Mages Inc. has released a new teaser trailer for Anonymous;Code, an upcoming 'science adventure' visual novel, confirming a 'next winter' release date for the game itself within Japan. Check it out below!

Trippy images and editing aside, Anonymous;Code itself is touted as a 'science adventure' visual novel, focusing on the themes of 'hacking' and the idea of life after the immediate apocalypse, when in the year 2036 rampant computer systems obliterate some of the world's major cities, causing those surviving to rebuild humanity, as a whole, on another Earth entirely, generated by a supercomputer known as Gaia.

With this concept and scenario coming from the mind of Steins;Gate creator Chiyomaru Shikura, there seems a lot for Japanese players and fans of visual novels to potentially sink their teeth into when Anonymous;Code releases later this year.

Anonymous;Code is set to release on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and the PlayStation Vita. Stay tuned to RPGFan for all news RPG!