Review: Mythic Ocean Blends Narrative and Exploration for an Adventure of a Maritime

See, it's an ocean pun, by swapping out the expected "lifetime" for... ah, forget it.

01.31.20 - 5:09 PM

Mythic Ocean Screenshot of a metallic structure underwater that resembles a research lab

Mythic Ocean caught some of us at RPGFan a little off guard. We didn't see a huge marketing push as much as some of us just noticed it as an upcoming game earlier in the month. We're no stranger to visual novels here, but Mythic Ocean's blending of a narrative-driven VN structure with ocean exploration seemed like a novel (I'm sorry, I didn't plan this pun, it just happened) concept.

Splash Flash forward to today, and we're pleased to present our Mythic Ocean review, courtesy of long-time RPGFan editor Neal Chandran. Give his thoughts a read on this relaxing and serene game, and get ready to spend some time in the ocean.

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