Retro Encounter Final Thoughts ~ Suikoden V

If this is to be our end, then I would have them make such an end, as to be worthy of remembrance!

02.03.20 - 2:59 AM

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There are a handful of classic RPG series that, despite strong fanbases, rose and fell entirely within the first couple generations of PlayStations. Some of these have made Retro Encounter appearances in the recent past too: Last September's game journal series was on Wild Arms 3, while in September 2018 we ran a pair of episodes on the classic Suikoden II. While this very likely means September 2020 may have to feature another Wild Arms game, for now we turn our attention back to Suikoden, and episodes 221 and 223 of Retro Encounter, featuring Suikoden V.

The last mainline game in the Suikoden series released nearly 14 years ago, so it would be a totally valid question to ask if it can still hold up today, and if our podcast panelists still want a Suikoden VI.

If you listened to the episodes, you may know the answer. If not, well, please do! But then come back and read Leona, Zach, and now RPGFan Emeritus Tris' Final Thoughts on Suikoden V.

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