Review: Thea: The Awakening demands your attention for ONE MORE TURN.

Not your average world-building children's card game.

02.05.20 - 9:22 PM

Thea: The Awakening screenshot--why are weddings always so expensive for everyone?

None of us were sure exactly what to expect before trying out Thea: The Awakening, especially given MuHa Games' short history, having only developed some browser/Flash games until this point. The world of Thea is steeped in the Nordic idea of the world tree, and what grew (ha) from there is a genre-warping and deeply engaging game with an immersive atmosphere and good replay value. And combat in the form of a complex card game. You can take on the role of various deities that grow with each playthrough depending on how much they're utilized, and the game has multiple conditions for success. Now that I think about it, that even fits in with the idea of Ragnarok and inevitable endings connecting to new beginnings.

But enough tying everything into mythology. Thea: The Awakening reminds me a little of classics like Soul Blazer as you restore an empty world, and a little of early SRPGs with random events and conflicts thrown your way at home and abroad in the world. Combine that with card game battles, and I'm in. Read Greg Delmage's review to get the whole story.

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