Final Fantasy VII Remake Intro Revealed, We Break Down the Video

A classic intro reimagined.

02.14.20 - 7:42 PM

Square Enix's push for Final Fantasy VII Remake continues to intensify. No, I'm not talking about those so-bad-they're-amazing Valentine's Day e-cards they revealed this morning. Though, hey, fun stuff.

No, I'm mostly talking about the reveal of the Remake's full intro, and it's only partially what you think it is. It's very faithful to the original with some added context, but presented with a level of detail that is astoundingly more complex than they could have done in 1997. Take a look at the intro right here, and then follow it up with David's breakdown video!

More Final Fantasy VII Remake coverage is always on the way, as its April 10th release date gets nearer.

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