Coming This Week, Part The Second

New information has come to light, man!

02.25.20 - 10:44 PM

So, uh, surprise! We're back with a couple things we missed in the earlier installment of Coming This Week. Hey, it's not my fault Square Enix decided to drop a brand-new Dragon Quest title completely out of the blue! In fact, both of our missing entries are Square Enix releases, each of which are available now. Let's jump in.

Dragon Quest of the Stars Screenshot

Dragon Quest of the Stars (iOS, Android)

After reaching over 20 million downloads in its homeland of Glorious Nippon, Dragon Quest of the Stars has unexpectedly appeared on Western mobile storefronts. The game is a mobile RPG wherein players embark on an intergalactic journey, and battle monsters in turn-based battles either on their own or in a party of up to four players. The game also has incredibly nifty character customization that lets you create your own Dragon Quest OC in that fantastic Akira Toriyama art style. Obviously, this one was a huge hit in Japan, so hopefully Dragon Quest of the Stars finds an eager market here in the West,

Kingdom Hearts III Remind Xbox One Screenshot

Kingdom Hearts III: ReMind (Xbox One)

Okay, admittedly, I should have been more on top of this one as the site's most ardent Kingdom Hearts fanboy (shush, Stephen retired, I can take this one!). But hear me out: I played ReMind a month ago on PlayStation 4, enjoyed it, got my butt handed to me by that jerk Xemnas, and then moved on with my life. Heck, we have a review up for the dang thing! Anyways, the Kingdom Hearts III DLC episode's weird staggered release strategy means you can now play it on the Xbox One if you've been holding out for it these past few weeks. Go on, enjoy it. Closure for everybody! Watch out for that secret boss fight, though.

...and that's a wrap, for real this time, I promise! Stay tuned to RPGFan for more coverage of your favorite videogame genre. I'll see you next time.