BeCOME as Retro EnPODScounter Final ThoughtS - NieR: Automata

Become as Pods become AS podS BECOME As PODs beCOme aS PoDs

03.10.20 - 5:35 PM

Retro Encounter Final Thoughts - NieR: Automata Banner

Over the last few weeks, our Retro Encounter crew presented two episodes on the most retro of all retro games*, the brilliant NieR: Automata. Be sure to check out the Automata episodes - here's Part I and you can check out Part II here. As always, today we present our panelists' closing thoughts on Yoko Taro's best game to date.

Read over our NieR: Automata Final Thoughts now.

Glory to Mankind.

*I kid - our Retro Encounter criteria is any game more than 2 years old, which, amazingly, already applies to Automata.

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