Review: Half Past Fate is a Forgettable, if Cute, Attempt at a Rom-Com Inspired Video Game

No sandwiches involved, but there is ramen!

03.12.20 - 3:45 PM

Half Past Fate Screenshot

Serenity Forge are fast making a name for themselves by creating unique, narrative-heavy games. Their latest effort, Half Past Fate, releases today on Steam and Nintendo Switch! Presented in a gorgeous pixel diorama style, the game follows six different characters as their lives slowly become intertwined with one another.

While cute to look at, and radiating with positivity, Half Past Fate struggles to stand out. For one playthrough, it might make you smile, but for me, I just couldn't gel with the story or most of the characters. To see why I found the game a bit of a disappointment, you should check out my review of Half Past Fate!

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