Pokemon Go is Making Some Changes to Help Players Stay At Home

Stay inside, be safe, and catch Pokemon.

03.23.20 - 11:17 PM

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to make going outside and interacting with people unsafe, Niantic is making things a little bit easier for Pokémon Go players. From now until March 30th at 1 PM PDT, players will be able to purchase a bundle of 100 Poké Balls for a single PokéCoin. This is in addition to another bundle that went live a short while ago, which includes 30 Incense items that draw wild Pokémon to the player.

Pokemon Go Niantic Covid-19 Coronavirus

Additionally, for the forseeable future, the number of Gifts a player can hold at a given time has increased from 20 to 30, and they will be dropping more Poké Balls as well. Even better, the first catch of the day bonus will be multiplied by 3, making it easier to accrue experience and Stardust while quarantined. All of these quality of life improvements will hopefully make playing Pokémon Go from home a little easier as we wait for things to calm down.