Crowdfunding Chronicles: Nekojishi: Lin & Partners

Every day is "Take Your Cat to Work Day" at Lin & Partners Architects.

03.24.20 - 6:20 PM

Talking to an anthropomorphic hyena in a white suit.

A tiger man telling the main character about a pair of statues.

Campaign Ends: March 31
Platform: Windows, Mac and Switch. Other consoles are being considered, but nothing is confirmed.

It is my firm belief that one should spare a bit of time each day to look at handsome cat-men in suits. Thankfully, Nekojishi: Lin & Partners will make this task significantly easier. Taking place in a modern-day Taiwan where folklore and legends are real, the game follows college graduate Liao, a young man who has the ability to see spirits and gods. In a delightful turn of events, these supernatural beings predominantly take the form of anthropomorphic, attractive, and often muscular men. Golly!

A follow-up to 2017's romantic visual novel, Nekojishi, this new installment brings the series into the adventure RPG genre, complete with puzzles, exploration, quests, and debate-centered combat. Set three years after the original game, Liao and his supernatural friends now run an architectural and Feng Shui consulting firm which specializes in restoring haunted living spaces and helping out the spirits within. Unfortunately, as is all too common in the modern world, a larger and more sinister company has come into the picture, their true motives shrouded in mystery. It might be time for a bit of investigation!

Combat in Nekojishi: Lin & Partners takes the form of heated debates. You'll be using a variety of "argument cards" obtained during the game to lower your enemy's credibility score, which substitutes for HP. Other characters you've bonded with can help you out with their own unique cards. Remember to nurture your relationships outside of combat and your debating powers will increase. Additionally, you can use information and clues you've gathered while exploring to disprove your opponent's statements and leave them vulnerable.

Though the game is already fully funded, stretch goals are set to add full English voice acting, among other surprises. Personally, I'm excited about Nekojishi: Lin & Partners. The fantastic felines, crisp artwork, and adorable overworld graphics caught my eye immediately, and the debate-based combat definitely has me intrigued. Two paws up!

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