Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion "Isle of Armor" Detailed in Nintendo Direct

The Galar region and its Pokemon are extended. Literally.

03.26.20 - 7:49 PM

Nintendo's surprise Direct stream revealed more details on Pokémon Sword and Shield's upcoming expansion pass, Isle of Armor. Check out the video elaborating on the former below.

The livestream revealed that Isle of Armor will feature a new dojo dedicated to Pokémon battles. After training at this facility, the player will receive a new legendary Pokémon, the bear-like legendary Kubfu. After acquiring Kubfu, there are two towers available to challenge; The Tower of Darkness and Tower of Waters.

Kubfu will evolve into Urshifu after conquering one of the towers. In a first for the series, the signature move it learns depends on which battle facility is beaten. Prevailing over the Tower of Darkness will result in it learning Single Strike Style, while beating the Tower of Waters allows Urshifu to learn Rapid Strike Style.

Moving on to the starters, The final evolutions of Galar's starters, Rillaboom, Cinderace and Inteleon will receive new Gigantamax forms after beating the Isle of Armor. Complimenting the new forms are new Gigantamax moves for each starter; Rillaboom receives G-Max Drum Solo, Cinderace gets G-Max Fireball and last but not least, Inteleon is bestowed with G-Max Hydrosnipe. To top things off, these powerful moves come with a built-in Mold Breaker ignoring the opponent's ability when striking.

pokemon inteleon gigantamax

Wrapping up the Isle of Armor DLC package are new hairstyles and clothing to customize your trainer's appearance as well as new League Card designs.

pokemon inteleon gigantamax

Those who buy the expansion pass before August 31st and connect to the internet will be gifted with Leon's cap and tights as additional clothing options for their trainer.

Isle of Armor will be available to download this June while Crown Tundra will release in the fall. Stay tuned to RPGFan for updates on the Pokémon series!

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