Fairy Tail Adds Strongman Gildarts Into Its Roster, New Story Trailer Unveiled

A crushingly powerful addition, on all fronts.

03.27.20 - 8:06 PM

KOEI TECMO America and developer Gust Studios have unveiled the next addition to the playable party roster of FAIRY TAIL, the JRPG adaption of the popular anime and manga series, penned by Hiro Mashima. This addition comes in the form of Gildarts, a powerful mage, and strongman for Fairy Tail, the magical guild for which the series' namesake hails. The arrival of Gildarts brings the total roster of FAIRY TAIL, as of this date, up to 16 characters to swap, pick and choose to bring into turn-based battle, during the length of its story, including fan favorites such as Natsu Dragneel, Erza Scarlett, or Gajeel Redfox.

FAIRY TAIL Screenshots of Gildarts

Gildarts will allow players to utilize his 'Crush' magic within FAIRY TAIL, as a high ranking member of the Fairy Tail guild. No mechanical specifics were given, but if previous confirmations of aesthetic are to be believed, Gildarts magic will be an aesthetic cornucopia of devastation, for fans of the series' and newcomers to enjoy.

FAIRY TAIL Screenshots of Gildarts

Alongside the confirmation of a new character, Gust Studio also released a new story trailer for FAIRY TAIL, showcasing the inclusion of the game's interpretation of the 'Eclipse' story arc within the main series'. Check it out below!

A rollicking amount of action, right? If you're curious about the aesthetic of FAIRY TAIL, check out our updated gallery.

It seems that players have a lot to look forward to in FAIRY TAIL when it releases in North America on June 25th for Windows PC systems, via Steam, and June 26th for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

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