Feature: So you want to Start An Atelier...

But where to begin?

04.01.20 - 9:42 PM

In what we can now officially call a series, we are back with another "So you want to play" feature. We started with a detailed primer on Falcom's Ys series penned by RPGFan alum Robert Fenner. In 2019 we followed up with Peter Triezenberg's Kingdom Hearts ~A Beginner's Guide~, and later in the year Twitch streamer extraordinaire Scott Clay brought us a similar feature for Falcom's Legend of Heroes: Trails series.

Today we bring you the latest in the series, which breaks into Gust's seemingly-impenetrable Atelier series. Clocking in at almost two dozen games (not counting remakes, side stories, and more), it can be daunting for people who want to jump in but have no idea where to start. Have no fear, RPGFan Music master Patrick Gann is here with all you need to know about the series and the many trilogies that collectively form Atelier.

Read the feature now and let us know what you think, and if there's an RPG series out there you'd like to see get this treatment in the future on RPGFan.