Traverse The Land as a Pong Paddle in PONG Quest

I... don't know what to make of this, but it looks amazing.

04.02.20 - 6:52 PM

Atari and Chequered Ink have announced PONG Quest, an RPG take on the granddaddy of all video games, Pong. In this quirky role-playing game, players will take control of a Pong paddle and explore dungeons based on iconic Atari properties, such as Asteroids and Centipede. This is... certainly one of the oddest pitches I've heard, but it has the potential to be really interesting!

Pong Quest Screenshot

Check out the announcement trailer down below! PONG Quest will drop on PS4, XB1, Switch, and PC this Spring.

  • Paddle Customization: Design and personalize your own Paddle avatar with fun clothing, accessories, and more.
  • Powerups Galore: Over 50 specialized PONG balls, each with their own unique attributes, grant players the ability to make their bounce-backs fiercer than ever.
  • PONG for All: Engage in multiplayer mayhem with up to three other players, each with the ability to use specialized PONG balls, creating unpredictable twists and immeasurable fun.
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