Chucklefish Shows Fresh Look at Upcoming Title Witchbrook

This magical life simulator is shaping up nicely!

04.02.20 - 7:26 PM

In a series of new screenshots released today, Chucklefish Games, the independent publisher behind titles like Wargroove, Timespinner , Stardew Valley, and more, gives a brand new look at the upcoming Witchbrook. Published and developed by Chucklefish, Witchbrook has changed quite a bit since its last appearance, adopting a new isometric view, which complements its pixelated perfection quite nicely. You can see the magical new screenshots for yourself below.

Attending class is a crucial aspect of the upcoming magical life simulator title, Witchbrook, from Chucklefish Games.

Explore the town during your time outside of classes in Witchbrook.

Fall festivities look outstanding in the upcoming title Witchbrook, from Chucklefish Games.

Described by Chucklefish as a "magical school and town life simulator," Witchbrook will have players attending classes as a witch in training, honing their magical abilities, and eventually graduating as full-fledged magic wielders. Additionally, players will be able to enjoy their free time outside of classes by fishing, growing crops, and enjoying enchanting dates.

No release timing or planned platforms have been detailed yet, but we can all respect the studio's strict no-crunch approach to development. Stay tuned for more details on this bewitching title in the future!

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