RPGFan Music Review: Square Enix Jazz -Final Fantasy VII- Provides Some Mood Music as Many Plan a Return to Midgar

Look out, it's Cait Sith on trombone! Brrrrt brrrt.

04.03.20 - 5:08 PM

Square Enix Jazz -Final Fantasy VII- Album Cover

Hey, did you hear they're remaking Final Fantasy VII? Just wanted to make sure that was well-known before we dive into this week's excellent music.

The third in Square Enix's recent series of Jazz albums, Square Enix Jazz -Final Fantasy VII- released in January and offers some smooth new takes on the classic tunes of Midgar and beyond. A one-disc album of iconic character and area themes, how have Uematsu's compositions been handled in this new format? Hilary Andreff has the lowdown in her brand-new review!

Give it a read, listen to the samples, and as you may know, look forward to Final Fantasy VII Remake on April 10th. And note that Square Enix put digital pre-orders on the PS Store now for pre-loading, so you can get a head start on that 99.46GB download.