Latest Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer Shows Touching Moments From Upcoming Release

Only one week left until the game's official launch!

04.03.20 - 9:18 PM

The latest trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake offers a touching look at many heartfelt scenes, visually stunning summons, and more, offering a brief glimpse at some of the game's enthralling story. Just ahead of the official release, this trailer is sure to sell fans on the incredible experiences on offer in the remake of what is arguably one of the most beloved video games of all time. You can check out the trailer for yourself below, but be warned as it may contain some minor spoilers for newcomers to the Final Fantasy VII story.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will officially release on April 10th on PlayStation 4. Digital copies of the game purchased through the PlayStation Store are now available for pre-load, with a free demo also available to tease players who just can't wait for more.

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