Cellar Door Games Announces Rogue Legacy 2

Once more, the heirs replete must venture forth for danger and glory!

04.04.20 - 2:13 AM

For those with a nose for the rogue-like RPG, Cellar Door Games has unveiled Rogue Legacy 2, the sequel to the beloved 2013-released indie success, Rogue Legacy, where players explore within a randomly-generated dungeon as the ever-continuing heirs of a family line.

Rogue Legacy 2 screenshots

As seen above, players will continue to adventure as the warriors of an adventuring line once again, with different genetic modifiers, weapons and magical abilities attached to each heir chosen in the cycle of life and death that Rogue Legacy 2 presents. Classes seem to be a deeper focus within the sequel, allowing players the chance to choose specific classes, such as the unveiled Barbarian or the Ranger, to bandy close blows or snipe from afar with unique weapons and abilities inherent to each class. An upgrade system, in the form of upgrading a manor, has also been confirmed, assuring that each heir will be stronger than those that perished before them.

Rogue Legacy 2 screenshots

As it stands, Rogue Legacy 2 looks to be shaping up as a worthy successor to its novel predecessor, and as someone who put many hours into the original game, I cannot wait to see what else Cellar Door Games has in the wings for Rogue Legacy 2. If you're curious about what RPGFan thought of Rogue Legacy, check out our review, penned by RPGFan alumni Robert Steinman.

Rogue Legacy 2 will launch this summer for Windows PC systems. No other platforms of release have been announced as of the reporting of this story.

Stay tuned to RPGFan for all news Rogue Legacy 2!

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