Twitch Sunday: Persona 5 Royal

This RPG-Phan Twitch stream will steal your heart.

04.04.20 - 8:55 PM

Consider this a calling card from us to you!

Watch our Twitch stream become the Phan-Site tomorrow (4/5) as we continue with Scott's playthrough of Persona 5 Royal. (Did you know that the Phan-Site from the game is a real thing? I just learned this.) Join the Phantom Thieves as they steal hearts and deliver some justice, Persona style. Or really, just come for the curry and coffee. The game may have started earlier this week, but it's still very much afoot. Come increase those social links with us at 1pm PDT/4pm EDT at our Twitch channel or through our Twitch page.

Persona 5 Royal Twitch Banner