Review: Final Fantasy VII Remake Takes Some Big Risks, but it's Almost Always First Class

Part one is finally here! As for what lies beyond Midgar, we'll just have to wait and see.

04.06.20 - 6:08 AM

Final Fantasy VII Remake Screenshot

Remakes don't get much bigger than this.

After years of dreaming, waiting, and even a few delays along the way, part one of Final Fantasy VII Remake is finally launching later this week. This reimagining of one of the most influential RPGs in the world brings us back to Midgar and expands on the city, the characters and the plot greatly. It dazzles with its visuals and excites with its combat, but does everything come together at the end, and does all the new content feel meaningful?

For the most part, absolutely. Final Fantasy VII Remake is a spectacle that definitely makes more than a few changes and takes some risks that will rock the boat, but it's an utter delight to play. To find out more, and get hyped up for April 10, check out my review of Final Fantasy VII Remake!

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