Learn More About Rufus Shinra, Palmer, Reeve, and More from Final Fantasy VII Remake

I spy an unfamiliar face!

04.07.20 - 1:03 PM

We are mere days away from the release of the Final Fantasy VII Remake, and Square Enix is still putting out new media showing off the long-anticipated game's characters. This time around, the focus is on Rufus Shinra and the various Shinra department heads, as well as a new character to the Remake.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Rufus Screenshot

Rufus Shinra, pictured above, is the Vice President of the Shinra Electric Power Company and the son of President Shinra. He is prideful and sometimes rebellious towards his father. He battles with a shotgun and canine companion, Darkstar.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Palmer Screenshot

Next we have Palmer. He is the Director of Shinra's Space and Aeronautics Division, which has been all but shuttered given their failure to launch a rocket into space (which, as fans of Final Fantasy VII will recall, comes into play later on in the story). He now has an inoordinate amount of free time, but no real power within the company. He also puts butter in his tea, which is nasty.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Reeve Screenshot

Reeve Tuesti is Shinra's Head of Urban Development. He is one of the only Directors at Shinra to have a sense of decency, and wants to improve life in the slums. As a result, he is regarded with disdain by the other directors. Rufus plays a key role in the story later on, as fans will recall, and even reappears in subsequent entries in the Compilation, like Dirge of Cerberus.*

*Dirge of Cerberus reference quota has been met for the day. Those responsible have been sacked.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Scarlet Screenshot

Scarlet is the Director of Advanced Weaponry at Shinra. She is a high-ranking official within the company, due to her innovative and profitable high-tech armaments that were used in the war with Wutai. The jury is still out on whether or not she'll get into a slap fight with Tifa in a future Remake installment.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Rufus Screenshot

Lastly, we have Kyrie Canaan, a newcomer to the Final Fantasy VII Remake who was previously featured in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. She's a fearless girl from the Sector 5 slums and runs scams on people, although these have a tendency to land her in hot water. I have to say, I like her design: for some reason it reminds me of Shiki from The World Ends With You**.

**The World Ends With You reference quota has been met for the day. Those responsible have been rehired.

There's also a new collectible to be found in the Final Fantasy VII Remake. In-game, players will be able to collect Moogle Medals, which can be exchanged with a certain NPC within Midgar. Smash crates and open treasure chests to be able to find them.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will be available for PlayStation 4 on April 10th. Our review of the game, penned by the illustrious Alana Hagues, is now live, so go find out what we thought of the game!

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