Review: Ann Achronist: Many Happy Returns is a Confused Nod to the Classic Film Groundhog Day

I got you babe...

04.07.20 - 6:32 PM

Ann Achronist: Many Happy Returns Screenshot

Time travel can be such a hit-and-miss plot device in video games. When it's done right, it's done extremely right, but if it's wrong, people will never forget. Ann Achronist: Many Happy Returns, an adventure game released last September on Steam, is the latest game to tackle time travel. Like in Groundhog Day, the main character experiences the same 24 hour period, but with the skills you learn on one particular version of the day, you can go back and change the course of the day's events.

According to Neal Chandran, however, while this is a sometimes heartfelt story, it's hampered by inconsistent writing that make the game feel tonally confused. To find out, you can read his review of Ann Achronist: Many Happy Returns right here!

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