RPGFan Music Review: The Keyblade War is a Take on Kingdom Hearts You Need to Hear

Glory to keyblade kind?

04.10.20 - 9:41 PM

The Keyblade War by ROZEN and REVEN Album Artwork

Some of the best listenin' of 2017 was without a doubt NieR: Automata's excellent score. It didn't take long for official and unofficial arrangements to release. One of the more notable albums to come from this celebration of MONACA's (Keiichi Okabe et al) amazing works was ROZEN and REVEN's NieR: Glory to Mankind.

Fast forward to last month, and the duo is back tackling another Square Enix series known for excellent music: The Keyblade War is a musical journey into Kingdom Hearts' music, featuring some of the series most beloved songs. This hour+ album is partially performed by a 40-person Bulgarian choir and orchestra, if you needed any more convincing that this album is a big deal.

RPGFan Music alum Patrick Gann spent some time with the album and tonight we present his review for The Keyblade War!