Indivisible OST PLUS Soundtrack Now Available For Pre-Order

The more jams, the better!

04.12.20 - 11:41 AM

Scarlet Moon Records has announced that sidescrolling RPG Indivisible will be receiving another soundtrack, known as the 'Indivisible Original Game Soundtrack PLUS, alongside the tunes present within the base game.

Indivisible Screenshot

The new soundtrack includes almost two hours of cut, demo, unused and inspiratory tracks, supported by a comprehensive digital booklet giving commentary on each piece within PLUS, penned by Hiroki Kikuta, the composer of Indivisible at large. Jayson Napolitano, of Scarlet Moon Records, stated that, due to the size of Indivisible's score, he had a feeling that there would be '...a lot of unused and in-progress material by the end of it...', and that the PLUS album itself was inspired by Square Enix's variety of musical releases. He also hopes with Kikuta's commentary and the tracklist itself, that ' of Indivisible and Kikuta-san's work in general appreciate this two-plus hours of music.'

If you're curious about Indivisible itself, be sure to check out our review, penned by reviewer Alana Hagues! If you're also curious about the music of Indivisible, be sure to check out our review of the first album, penned by reviewer Patrick Gann.

Indivisible Original Game Soundtrack Plus is set to release on April 21st worldwide and is available for pre-orders via Bandcamp.

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