Koei Tecmo Releases New Trailer and Screenshots of Fairy Tail

Meet the other guilds of Magnolia!

04.20.20 - 12:45 PM

Koei Tecmo have released a new trailer and accompanying media for Fairy Tail, the upcoming adaptation of the popular anime series from Gust. This new media is all about the other Guilds in Magnolia, whom players will team up with across their journey. Check out the trailer below!

During FAIRY TAIL's gripping narrative, players will team-up with a range of guest characters from other guilds across Magnolia to take on common enemies. These fan-favorite characters are ready to team-up and support your party in battle, and include: the 'Arc of Time User,' Ultear Milkovich, from the Crime Sorciére guild; the 'Ice-Make Wizard,' Lyon Vastia, from the Lamia Scale guild; the 'Burning Hair Wizard,' Flare Corona, from the Raven Tail guild; and Minerva Orland, 'Sabertooth Guild's Finest Lady.' And while guest characters are not playable, they will instead join your party and automatically perform a range of powerful magic abilities — including those featured in the anime and manga!

Fairy Tail Screenshots

Check out our gallery for more new screenshots from Fairy Tail. The game will launch for PS4 and Switch on June 26th, and on Windows PCs on June 25th.

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