Fifth Episode of 'Inside Final Fantasy VII Remake' Video Series Focuses on Graphics, Characters and More

A meaty video for those still looking for more FFVII Remake content to consume!

04.22.20 - 12:06 PM

Square Enix has released the fifth and final episode of the Inside Final Fantasy VII Remake video series, focusing on the graphics, cinema and visual effects present within the game itself. Check it out below!

The video, as seen above, talks about the development process for transporting the original designs and aesthetics of Final Fantasy VII into the modern reality of Final Fantasy VII Remake and the graphical power on offer. Multiple keystone references were given, from citing Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children as a reference of approaching creating the character designs of the main cast to fit the tone of Final Fantasy VII, to the idea of animation and facial expressions greatly improved by modern capturing technology, to syncing up facial expression, body animations and sound cues to Limit Breaks and more.

Everything and the kitchen sink seemingly was built to help Final Fantasy VII Remake become the best game that it could be, and the passion on display from the developers over this video series showcases this in grand fashion. If you're curious about the other parts of the series, check out our articles for the first, second, third, and fourth parts.

If you're curious about what RPGFan thought of Final Fantasy VII Remake, check out our review, penned and voiced by Alana Hagues! You can also watch out latest video review.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is available now for PlayStation 4. Stay tuned to RPGFan for all news Final Fantasy!

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