Wintermoor Tactics Club Blends 80's Chic and High School Cliques Early Next Month on PC

Snowballs and the power of the heart incoming!

04.23.20 - 4:20 PM

Developer EVC and publisher Versus Evil have announced that their indie RPG Wintermoor Tactics Club is set to launch for PC systems on May 5th, followed by releases for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One later in the year. Check out its announcement trailer below, filled with turn-based battling, heart to heart conversations, and rivalries galore!

Wintermoor Tactics Club focuses on Alicia, a student within the prestigious Wintermoor Academy and member of the Wintermoor Tactics Club, a group of students who play Curses & Catacombs, a landmark tabletop game in the alternate 80's setting, the period in which the game is set. The principal of the academy, Principal Enfield, sets the various clubs of the school into conflict, organising a school-wide snowball tournament, in the hopes of finding the best club, through turn-based RPG battles.

Wintermoor Tactics Club Logo

EVC and Versus Evil note that in this 'War of the Clubs', Wintermoor Tactics Club utilises a blend of visual novel storytelling and turn-based RPG battling to talk about its themes, such as '...inclusion, and the way we often narrowly define ourselves and others based on the groups we belong to...',. It will also facilitate turn-based battling replete within the universe of Curses & Catacombs, allowing players to mix and match multiple upgrades for seven playable characters, for over 40 turn-based battles within its playtime.

Wintermoor Tactics Club Screenshots

It seems like Wintermoor Tactics Club seems to be something for indie-RPG, visual novel, and strategy-RPG fans alike to keep an eye on. Stay tuned to RPGFan for all news RPG!

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