FoxTail's Third Chapter Arrives Early Next Month

Adventure games always emanate that sense of charm, right?

04.26.20 - 2:33 PM

Gingertips Game Studio has announced that the third chapter of FoxTail will release on May 7th, for Windows PCs, Mac, and Linux systems. FoxTail focuses on the adventures of a fox named Leah, journeying to find a cure for her sick grandmother across a world stylised in pixellated graphics, similar to the point-and-click adventure games released in the '90s. Check out a gameplay trailer below!

The third chapter focuses on Leah exploring a mansion and encountering new characters upon her journey. For players who have purchased FoxTail via the Steam or storefronts, the third and following chapters will be free upon their release. Alongside the third chapter's release, a soundtrack for FoxTail will simultaneously debut, featuring a 24 song tracklist pulled from Chapters 1 through 3. It will be available to purchase on Steam, GOG, Spotify Bandcamp, Apple Music, YouTube, and Google Music.

It seems like adventure games like FoxTail are still beating strong in the industry, and that warms my heart. More RPGs aren't ever a bad thing!

FoxTail is in available now for purchase on both the Steam and GOG storefronts. It is currently in Early Access and in active development as of the time of writing. Stay tuned to RPGFan for all news RPG!

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