Review: Sakura Wars Blossoms Into the High-Definition Era

After a long hiatus and a lot of changes, Sakura Wars is back near its best.

04.27.20 - 9:02 AM

Sakura Wars Screenshot

Beloved for its mix of tactical role-playing elements and dating sim mechanics, the Sakura Wars series was beloved in Japan before it went on a sudden hiatus. Fans were desperate for a new title, and over ten years later, SEGA has followed through and delivered a brand new take on Sakura Wars.

Swapping out its tactical combat for action, this is the first game in the series released for this console generation. As a soft reboot for the series, this is the perfect time for newcomers to hop in and find out what the fuss is about. That's what Nathan Lee did, and he was delighted with the end result! If this is your introduction to Sakura Wars, then you're in for a treat.

To find out more, check out Nathan's review of the game right here before the game launches tomorrow, April 28th, for the PlayStation 4.

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