Trials of Mana Review: The Triumphant Return of a Classic Tale!

Yes, it's a major improvement over the Secret of Mana remake.

04.27.20 - 5:42 PM

Trials of Mana Screenshot - Three characters waving to a giant turtle wearing googles

Today's review of Sakura Wars isn't the only major review we have ready for you - buckle up for Trials of Mana! Greg is a huge Mana fan if his rabite avatar didn't clue you in. He is familiar with the original game enough that he went into this one with the knowledge of the weird bugs of the SNES version and how different the game feels with, say, working shields.

Alongside his excellent written Trials of Mana review, we're also proud to present Greg's video review. Read or watch - heck, read AND watch if you want - visit our YouTube channel and subscribe for future reviews, and above all, enjoy! If you're on the fence about picking up Trials of Mana, this could be all you need to make your decision.

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